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Anna is a Swedish photographer living in Maplewood, New Jersey outside of New York City with her husband and two boys. She was trained in documentary photography and photojournalism at Nordens Fotoskola (Nordic School of Photography) in Sweden, and International Center of Photography in New York. Anna has spent a long career working as a Photographer as well as a Producer, Production Accountant and Assistant Agent, which all shaped her understanding of running a photography business and appreciating the creative side as well as the logistical side of the business.

Anna enjoys photographing a wide range of subjects from portraiture, interior design, travel, fine art photography to creating content for business and branding. She approaches each project with a passion and appreciation for telling a story. Her early years growing up in Sweden has influenced her clean, simple Scandinavian design aesthetic. As has her background in documentary photography influenced her to become an artist with a keen eye for observation, uniquely interpreting and capturing the beauty and detail of people and environments around her.

 Anna’s fine art photography is deeply informed by the profound relationship she has had with nature and especially water, in all its forms, throughout her life. Water is never the same. She is fascinated by its dichotomies: calm or violent; smooth or frothy; dark or light; hard or pliant. It fuels our life yet if we are not careful it can take it away. In her work, she tries to capture water's range of beauty, power, and awe.

 She hopes her photography can in some way transport the viewer from the space of the gallery to the enveloping space we enter when we step into nature, the ocean or a pool.

 Water personifies a wide range of emotions for her. Now more than ever she is galvanized to protect it, as its safety and availability are under serious threat.  Anna hopes her work inspires viewers not to take nature or water, in its many forms, for granted.